Invasion Of the Body Snatchers

This film had so much energy for a black and white film, it was definitely not what I expected in the best way possible.  I love the way that the majority of the film is told through the flashback of a suspected lunatic, and how uncanny situations used in combination with lack of information are used to create drama and suspense in the film.  The tone of the film changes and escalates, beginning with confusion and concern about the mysterious incedent, then stretching to paranoia and uncertainty, as the plot thickens the situation just becomes fearful and urgent.  The best part about this continuum of emotion is that its change is driven mainly by dialouge and nothing too extraordinary happens until midway through the film when the first pod is found.  My favorite scenes were the last end sequence which included the chase, the highway, and the return to the police precinct.  I enjoyed the psychological aspect of not knowing wether or not to believe Dr. Miles, and then once his story is verified, instead of continuing to tackle the next issue of the movie, the film just ends leaving you to draw your own conclusion to what happens.

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4 Responses to Invasion Of the Body Snatchers

  1. I completely agree with you. I loved the end scene as well. I think the fact that the movie didn’t conclude in a conventional way and actually made you draw your own conclusion is what made the movie so great. It made you think, but it wasn’t one of those movies that confuse you to the point of no return. You still understand what is happening in the movie but you are hesitant to whom you think is telling the truth.

  2. joerusso says:

    I also loved how the director at the end of the movie wanted you to figure out for yourself your own interpretation of the ending. I love the psychological aspect of a movie it really helps the viewer get more involved and when the viewer is involved they get lost in the movie and it helps them really fall in love with it. I think a classical black and white movie with an unconventional ending is the recipe for a successful film.

  3. jeffonboard says:

    I’ve got to say I like the ambiguous ending too. The director wanted us to conclude the film the way we individually see fit. That also helps pleasing everyone as opposed to having a definite ending which may appeal to some but not others. By the way, great post.

  4. Kevin Prunty says:

    I felt the same way about the way the story was told. It added so much more mystery to the movie that i dont think could have been achieved using any other method. I also completely agree with you when you said the tone of the film changed and escalates because as the story gets more mysterious and changes gears you can feel the tone of the movie change and i think this is a really important thing to do as a director because it keeps your audience interested in the movie

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